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The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars

"Weston presents Honda as a perfectionist, an innovator in his field and a model corporate leader, who encouraged his workers, listened to them and treated them well. A worthwhile introduction to a neglected subject."
--Kirkus Reviews

"This picture-book biography follows the life of Soichiro Honda, born in 1906, from his beginnings as a boy working in his father's smith shop to his international success as a manufacturer. Yamasaki's creative composition makes the pictures interesting and dynamic. There has been very little published about Honda for children. This story takes a step toward filling that gap."
--School Library Journal

"Honda is neatly portrayed as someone who was smart enough both to stay in touch with his employees...and take early retirement. Though a demanding boss, Honda was not so much a driven, Olympian business leader, but rather a human being who found his bliss early on and stuck with it through thick and thin."

The life story of Soichiro Honda, pioneering Japanese businessman and innovative motorcycle and car manufacturer.

School Grade Level: 1-6

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